June 3, 2017 at 12:00 am

Parrot Disco FPV | Drone + Controller & VR Glasses

Parrot Disco FPV Drone + VR Glasses

Experience a flight through the clouds with the VR-enabled Parrot Disco FPV drone!


Brand: Parrot
Type: Disco FPV
Warranty: 2 years

  • 1080p Full HD-camera
  • Speeds up to 80 km/h!
  • Comes with VR glasses

Parrot Disco FPV Drone

1280 kv motor
5 V servomotor

CPU: Dual core Cortex A9
Internal storage: 32 GB

RF receiver: SBUS, SUMD, CPPM
Sensors: Ultrasound, altimeter, optic flow-camera, Airspeed sensor (Pitot tube)

3-axis gyroscope
3-axis accelerometer
3-axis magnetometer

Wifi & connections
Access point network
WiFi AC-type, 2 bi-band antennas (2.4 and 5 GHz)
Up to 2 km with the Parrot Skycontroller or Skycontroller 2

Camera & video
1080p Full HD-camera
Video streaming: 360p / 720p

Linux & Open source SDK for app development

Removable battery
2700 mAh / 25 A 3-cell LiPo Battery
Battery life: 45 min

Physical properties
Dimensions: 1150 x 580 x 120 mm
Wingspan: 1150 mm
Weight: 750 gr

Parrot Skycontroller 2

2 joysticks
8 shortcut buttons
Li-Po battery: 2700 mAh
Battery life: 240 min
USB port
WiFi MIMO antennas

Physical properties
Dimensions: 200 x 180 x 110 mm
Weight: 500 gr

Parrot Cockpitbril

Compatible with smartphones with a screen size between 4.7" and 5.7", and a thickness between 6 and 9.5 mm.

Physical properties
Weight: 390 gr
Field of vision: 90°

1x Parrot Disco Drone
1x High capacity battery: 2700 mAh
1x Charger & cable (for the drone)
1x USB cable (for the drone)
1x User manual
2x Additional propeller blades
1x Parrot Skycontroller 2
1x Removable mount for smartphone or tablet
1x USB cable (for the Skycontroller)
1x Charger & cable (for the Skycontroller)
1x Parrot Cockpit Glasses
1x Smartphone drawer

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