December 7, 2017 at 12:00 am

7x Joseph Joseph Smart Kitchen Aid

7x Joseph Joseph Smart Kitchen Aid

With this set of kitchen tools cooking become smore fun, easier and allows you to book results quicker.  


Brand: Joseph Joseph
Type: 7x Smart Kitchen Aid
Warranty: 2 years

  • Tight and smart designs
  • Work faster and more pleasantly
  • Quality cookware

Multi-Peel Peeler
Razor-sharp rotatable knife with an eye
Easily remove the eyes from potatoes
Flat knife surface for peeling ginger
Soft-touch handle with safe, comfortable grip

Julienne Peeler
Ergonomic handle
Cutting blades: high-quality stainless steel
Handy eye to cut lemon or lime peel
Ideal for grating carrots, for example
Dishwasher safe

Catcher Citrus Press
Manually press lemons, oranges and limes
Removing unwanted pulp and pips is no problem with the special collection rim
Juice thus falls into the glass, till last drop
Dishwasher safe.

Improvement of the classic stainless steel models, fits every pod from 16 cm
Made of high quality polypropylene
Sides automatically fold open and close, ensuring that the outer edges do not touch the hot pan so that they can’t melt
Silicone foot is scratch-free

Whiskle Whisk
Ergonomically designed, lies firmly in hand
Reinforced silicone "scrape" to easily scrape batter from the sides of a bowl 
Handy, can be washed in the dishwasher

Chop2Pot Chopping board
Flat cutting surface for cutting ingredients, collapsible
Everything can be put in the pan in one move, without spills
Non-slip strap at the bottom
Easy to clean and can be placed in the dishwasher
Beautiful and unique design, very thin for easy storage

Two-piece garlic press
Deeper notch for pressing several garlic cloves
After pressing, they are easy to scrape off the press with the handle
Easy to clean under the tap and dishwasher safe

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